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Leading Trade Credit Insurance Agency, Credit Eureka Announces Ambitious Website Upgrades

June 1, 2017

Credit Eureka, a leading provider of trade credit insurance, is proud to announce a new information page specific to the topic of business credit insurance. Many individuals and businesses may be unfamiliar with the evolving uses for “trade credit insurance.”  The new page is a Web-savvy way of reaching out and empowering them on new applications as they search for this alternative credit product and its innovative marketplace.

Business Credit Insurance“As with so many complex products or services, markets have evolved and potential customers may not know the alternatives or recent industry terminology when looking for trade credit insurance,” explained Dawson Beattie, President and Founder. “Accordingly, our new information page on business credit insurance follows the shift in dialogue and reaches out to a broader, more general research trajectory so businesses can understand how they can use and engage the trade credit insurance marketplace to improve their results.”

To view the new information page on business credit insurance, visit To learn specifically about trade credit insurance, visit On either page, interested customers can read the basics, learn how to compare alternatives, and then reach out to Credit Eureka for a custom quote. No two situations are the same, and the marketplace provides a range of insurance products available to facilitate commercial transactions. Thus, individuals are encouraged to reach out to a trade credit insurance specialist for information and a quote.

Business Credit Insurance: Insuring Against Non-payment

When a business engages in commerce, whether across town or across the world, there is a certain degree of accounts receivable risk. Even a customer that seems creditworthy may default on payment. If this happens within a state or within the United States as a whole, there are often legal remedies to recover payment. In addition, the volume of information available in the United States can make it easier for one company to independently develop information about the other’s ability to make payment.  When transactions cross international borders, however, everything gets more complicated and more risky.  Information becomes less available and legal systems change.  Commercial or business credit insurance is a type of trade credit payment insurance that protects the seller from customer and country related nonpayment risks that is offered by investment grade rated global companies. The new information page on “business credit insurance” reaches out to business leaders who are in the early stages of understanding why and how to benefit from trade credit insurance. After reading, they are encouraged to reach out for a trained professional to engage the trade credit insurance marketplace, as no two customers — or participating insurers — are the same.

Journalists and bloggers writing articles on the topic are, of course, urged to reach out to Credit Eureka for interview opportunities.

About Credit Eureka

Credit Eureka ( is a leading provider of trade credit insurance, which helps businesses minimize the risk of default on their commercial sales globally. Nonpayment of trade-related debts is another industry term for this exposure. The company also facilitates Accounts Receivable Puts (AR Puts) as well as help with domestic and export credit insurance and political risk insurance.  Credit Eureka is a licensed partner of U.S. EXPORT IMPORT BANK (EXIMBANK). Additional common terms for its products are business credit insurance, accounts receivable credit insurance or commercial credit insurance. Businesses interested in this type of insurance product, should reach out to Credit Eureka for more information or obtain a quote for the cost and amount of trade credit insurance available for a portfolio or individual customer.

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