Credit Eureka, a Leading Trade Credit Insurance Agency, Announces Post-petition Protection Opportunities for Toys R Us Suppliers

October 19, 2017

San Francisco, California – October 18, 2017. Credit Eureka, a leading provider of trade credit insurance, is proud to announce preliminary credit insurance products for suppliers with exposure to Toys R Us. Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in credit insurance

“I think we can all agree that there’s no reason for the Toys R Us bankruptcy to result in kids getting ‘scrooged’ before the holiday. With its recent bankruptcy filing, it will be important to maintain the availability of working capital for Toys R Us suppliers. While traditional credit insurance markets have pulled back, other trade credit products are available to help,” explained Dawson Beattie, President and Founder. “It is an ideal time for companies to learn about these other options, especially if their business has meaningful dependencies to traditional retailers. We are encouraging businesses to reach out and learn more about AR put options, and our newly updated page on the topic helps them learn about how these work.”

Interested parties are referred to the updated page on AR puts, or the more general trade credit insurance information. Businesses that may benefit from these insurance products are encouraged to reach out for a confidential consultation with the company, as are journalists or bloggers seeking information on how trade credit insurance works in light of retail bankruptcies such as Toys R Us.


Credit markets are beginning to develop for suppliers holding unpaid invoices from the “pre-bankrupt” Toys R Us, as well as for suppliers hoping to make sales to Toys R Us ahead of and following the holiday season. As a leading independent insurance agency offering trade credit insurance, Credit Eureka is ideally positioned to help clients create strategies and explore options to function in this “new normal” in American retail, one in which the reliability of payment cannot be taken for granted.


Credit Eureka is a leading provider of trade credit insurance, which helps businesses increase their revenue, expand availability of financing, and minimize the risk of default on their commercial sales globally. Regularly purchased by commercial finance companies and banks, Credit Eureka helps manufacturers and services companies directly participate in this market to build programs for themselves. Nonpayment of trade-related debts and customer insolvency are other industry terms for this exposure. Additional common terms for its products are business credit insurance, accounts receivable credit insurance or commercial credit insurance. In addition to insurance markets, the company also facilitates the Accounts Receivable Puts (AR Puts)– a debt indexed alternative to traditional credit insurance — as well as helps with export credit insurance and political risk insurance. Businesses interested in these types of insurance, bank, and private equity products should reach out to Credit Eureka for more information or obtain a quote for the cost available for a portfolio or individual customer.

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